Author: Timothy


Sandefjord Tour

If anyone is interested in racing on the road this Monday (20th), I am going down to race the Sandefjord Tour Masters Cup in the 40-49 group. In the past two road races (Askerrunden and Ceres ritt) it has been pretty lonely as the only one flying the Sagene flag! It would be great to have some teammates in the race to make the tactics more interesting and help in competing against the other bigger teams. Let me know if you are going or are interested.


GP Norefjell

Anyone racing GP Norefjell Tur? Let me know and we can try and combine logistics.


Tønsberg Cyclocross

Apologies for the English, but does anyone have a spare cross bike and is not racing this weekend in Tonsberg, size 54 to 56? I have entered the Open race class with my MTB bike, but would prefer to race the proper CX class but need a cross bike to enter. Thanks, Tim (